The Alexander Technique In Your Life

Alexander Technique and the Golden Thread.   The Alexander Technique has been described as a golden thread that runs through your life. After a bit, the Alexander Technique becomes a part of you. My student and I were discussing ways in which she could more fully integrate the Alexander Technique into her life. We Alexander [...]

The Alexander Technique-Subtraction, Not Addition

In an Alexander Technique lesson I taught today, my student began by telling me her neck pain felt a little worse this week. When I inquired about it she told me that the physical therapist she'd been seeing added a new exercise for her neck, and it hurt her. Unfortunately, as an Alexander Technique teacher, I hear this story quite a lot. I told her that in my opinion she needs to subtract some things she's doing rather than adding to it...

How Can I Improve My Meditation Posture?

...Good posture while you meditate, or your meditation posture, can be a challenge for those new to meditation, as well as those more experienced with meditation. Improving one's Meditation posture is important for people who meditate for ten minutes, and those who meditate for hours. The Alexander Technique can help with meditation posture, as it helps with posture in general. In researching various instructions for proper meditation posture, a suggestion that keeps arising is ‘keep your spine straight.

Use The Alexander Technique Shortcuts

There are so many Alexander Technique directions, or verbal cues, it would be impossible to list them all. In fact, many of them have yet to be formulated, because Alexander Technique teachers will think of them in the moment, for situations as they arise. Directions may be universal such as: 'let your neck be free', [...]

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