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If you’ve landed here, it may be because you’re experiencing back pain, or neck tension. You’re not alone. You may have already guessed that for you and 75 per cent of your fellow sufferers, your aching back, your sore neck, is related to your posture. Your posture is defining you and determining your future for better or worse. You can change this trajectory. You can change your posture and in doing so change your life, and it can all begin with a lesson. That’s where I come in. I’m a teacher of the Alexander Technique dedicated to the proposition that you can learn to advocate for your self, become a curator of your own bodily use, your posture. “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” has never been more apt than today. Taking individual, private Alexander Technique lessons is the fastest, most efficient way to learn the technique. The lessons are uniquely tailored to your personal needs. (Group lessons are an alternative for people with a limited income.)

During Alexander lessons, you will receive hands-on guidance, combined with verbal cues. Part of the lesson occurs on a bodywork table, which students find relaxing yet invigorating. You release tension, which helps relieve back pain and neck pain.

As you study the Alexander Technique, you will learn to apply the principles to your everyday life. In this way, you are practicing the Alexander Technique throughout your day, and you get better at whatever you practice.


The Alexander Technique and posture, back pain, and neck tension.


Whether you choose to learn the Alexander Technique by taking private lesson, or small group classes, the Alexander Technique will help you break the habit of slouching. Poor posture, as you may know, commonly results in neck tension, and back pain.

Through Alexander Technique lessons, you will stop slumping (which compresses your spine), as you sit at the computer and as you go about your life. You learn to do everthing with more ease.

The Alexander Technique is a do it yourself, do it at home technique. You will be able to reduce excess tension on your own, anywhere and anytime.

As you practice the Alexander Technique you will develop new habits. Fixing your posture gets to the source of common pain issues.

The Alexander Technique is simple, and extremely effective.


Locations in NYC

1123 Broadway, between 25th and 26th streets, room 213. (Weekends: 1133 Broadway entrance)

American Center for the Alexander Technique – 39 West 14th Street, between 5th and 6th Aves. Suite #507.

ARE of New York – 241 West 30th Street, between 7th and 8th avenues. Buzzer 102, 2nd floor.

42-16 80th Street. Elmhurst, Queens



Small Group classes (90 minutes) $40.

Individual Alexander Technique lessons- $100 (45 minutes)

Package of five lessons-$475 (save $25)

Package of ten lessons-$850 (save $100)

Sliding scale and installments available for private lessons.

24 hour cancellation notice for private lessons please.

Checks, cash, or Paypal accepted.


How do I schedule a private lesson?

Just email or call me and we’ll find a mutually convenient time and location. Group classes are held every Saturday, from 4:45-6:15PM.


(917) 709-4648





Mark Josefsberg-Alexander Technique NYC


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