How To Reduce Neck Pain

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Alexander Technique and Neck Pain

Alexander Technique-Neck Pain

Do you have a tense neck? Are you tensing it right now? 

The Alexander Technique teaches how to reduce neck tension; how to free your neck, and reducing neck tension reduces neck pain.

How do you free your neck?  The same way you free your bicep, or any other muscle, though we are not as familiar with controlling our neck muscles.

Reducing Neck Tension

With practice we can release our neck muscles and let them go. Letting go of neck muscles reduces neck tension.

Heads, which can weigh ten or fifteen pounds, can put a lot of strain on our neck, especially if we habitually poke our neck forward. If the neck is poking forward (toward the computer screen for example), the muscles in the back of the neck are over-working, all the time. You can reduce neck tension and neck pain by stopping the constant work of the neck muscles. The Alexander Technique teaches you this “do it at home” skill.

Alexander Technique Neck Pain Relief

Let your neck muscles free up, and let your head rotate slightly forward, and go up. Slightly, slowly, lower the tip of your nose while the crown of your head moves up.

Let your sit bones release down into the chair, in opposition to your head moving up. Neither slumping nor straining.

Reduce your neck tension again.

Let your head rotate forward, and go up.

You learn to reduce your neck tension, to reduce your neck pain.

Neck freedom becomes habitual.

Here’s some more about the neck. Alexander Technique Neck

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  1. charlotte chiropractor kinesiology

    This is good, natural is always better than medications. Thanks for the information

  2. Hi, love Alexander Technique. I always encourage my patients to be proactive and to avail themselves of many methods they can use to improve their own health. However,at times muscle tension is a function of the body’s attempt to protect itself or to stabilize an underlying injury.

    Having the help of a good chiropractor can be key to a full recovery, when dealing with neck pain.

    • Mark Josefsberg


      I also love the Alexander Technique, and I agree that muscle tension can have many causes. Whatever the cause, once people become aware and are willing to change they can learn how to release their own tension.
      The Alexander Technique is amazingly practical, simple, logical, and you learn to do it yourself; you learn to reduce your own neck pain!

  3. Wonderful article here. You’ve got a good search engine ranking too (I pulled you right up with Yahoo!) Good job; you deserve it.

  4. great article you’ve got here! concise and informative!

    • Thank you so much, Paul. I’m trying to make some involved concepts of the Alexander Technique simple, so that people can help themselves reduce their own neck pain.

  5. jen

    Do you have a video demonstrating the Alexander Technique? I’m not sure I get it. Thanks.

  6. Don’t forget how useful this work is for the voice. Super article for voice work. Thanks. Stuart.

    • Mark Josefsberg

      Yes, the Alexander Technique was developed for the voice! It seems like the main reasons people learn the Alexander Technique now is to improve posture, and alleviate back pain and neck pain.

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    • Mark Josefsberg

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