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Alexander Technique Back Pain

Sitting can be a painful position for someone with back pain because of the added spinal compression. We tend to slump; putting ourselves in a ‘C curve’.  Sometimes, in order not to slump,  we sit up rigidly straight with what we think of as good posture.’  This is not sustainable, and may even contribute to back pain.


The Alexander Technique Back Pain Relief.

Don’t try to “sit up straight”. Instead…

Think of releasing tension in your neck, and let your head rotate forward, and go up. Rotate your head forward by slowly lowering your nose, as the crown of your head moves up.

Take your time.

You may notice that you’re breathing fuller. You may notice that you’re going up, taking pressure off your back, helping you relieve back pain.

When it comes to the Alexander Technique, you do it yourself.   

We’ve gone up, now let’s go down. Sit on your sit bones, not your tail bone. The sit bones are two ‘U’ shaped bones on the bottom of your bottom. If you put your hands under you from the side, you can feel them. Take your hands out. Let your sit bones release down into the chair as your head moves up, taking your entire spine with it. Going up and down at the same time can help relieve excess tension, relieving back pain.

Relieve back pain sustainably by employing the principles of the Alexander Technique throughout your day, throughout your life.

Take care of your body; you’re going to need it.

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